Golfilicious illustration for tees, hats, skateboards, etc... sp'14 Golf Wang

Tyler, the Creator - Wolf - deluxe CD and LP packaging.
The Odd Future Tape Vol 2 - cover illustration (watercolor)
Illustration and apparel fit & design for Golf Ball Jersey / Golf Wang Spring 14
Illustration & garment design for OFWGKTA Hockey Style cut n'sew Jersey with embroidered appliqué patches. (with hat and socks to match)
Golf Wang Cat Duffel Bag. Has inner lining with stash pocket, 6 outer velcro pockets, shoe storage compartment & velcro skateboard straps underneath.
OFWGKTA Carnival poster 2012. A take on the neighborhood carnival poster
OF Donut Skateboard Wheels + Packaging
Packaging for the Slayer / Vans 2009 collaboration. A crate of records was photographed from all sides and applied to each side of the box. Slayer records show through the crate on the front and back. Finished with Vans and Slayer stickers. Band approved!

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